Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain – 2011

Karin scored amazing tickets for this competition at Paris’ Cirque Phénix.  The Cirque de Demain is a competition between young artists (no animals or gimmicks), judged by both the audience and a jury, and spread over a week.  We managed to see both sets of acts (they’re spread across two days, each artist has to perform twice, plus if they’re chosen they’re on again in Sunday’s “best-of” show) although I felt sick as a dog throughout much of the first evening.  Meh.  So,  unfortunately this collection is missing all of the first night’s artists.

I really wish there’d been less middle-aged French men with middle-aged French man hair in front of me.  I’ve tried to fudge and crop as best I could.  I also didn’t get any photos of Fred Razon, the pickpocket/magician, as I was too busy watching him lift everyone’s wallets.

Gallery links and thumbnails are buggy, currently trying to fix them.

L’Ecole de Cirque Mandingue (GN)

Performed both nights, and had an amazing energy and enthusiasm.

Mr. WOW (DE)

Ethan Law & Marie-Pier Campeau (US/CA)

Duo Reik (CU)

Christer Pettersen (NO)

Danilo Marder (DE)

Mykola Shcherbak & Sergii Popov (UA)

These guys were outstanding, in my opinion the best of the acts, and apparently also are championship gymnasts who’ve appeared on Ukraine’s Got Talent.

Flight in Dreams (US)

William Wei-Liang Lin (TW)

Edouard Doye (FR)

Apparently a 2010 French pole dancing (?) champion.

Duo Fote Fore (GN/FR)

Wes Peden (US)

Troupe de Fujian (CN)

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